• Enterprise spirit

    Leading by science and technology, facing the world, contributing green water and creating first class forever

  • Enterprise purpose

    Pioneering innovation, excellent quality, integrity and self-improvement, serving the society

  • Enterprise mission

    Improving the ecological environment is the bearing and support of green water company's products to achieve the highest quality of ecological environment.

  • Management idea

    Technology is the root, innovation is the soul and talent is the foundation

  • Employment concept

    Career retention, treatment retention, culture retention

  • Corporate vision

    To be a first-class environmental protection enterprise in China is the development goal of Lvshui people

  • Enterprise mission

    For the development of the city, for the development of the city, is the green water company to achieve the corporate vision of the bearing and support.

  • Enterprise spirit

    Build an enterprise with integrity and build a family with excellence

  • Development concept

    Steady, coordinated and scientific development

  • Management philosophy

    Standardized, orderly, pragmatic and efficient