Green water Co., Ltd. is an ideal and passionate team, full of the enterprising spirit of pursuing innovation and vigorous vitality. Innovation is the driving force of the company's development. If you want to stand in the market, you must have your own fist products. The company actively expands the living space, creates and maintains the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Lvshui company has taken the responsibility of continuously improving solid-liquid separation technology. By continuously participating in industrial technical exchanges, employing industry experts to guide and train our company, and cooperating with professional colleges and universities, it has made great progress in production and technology. Through the continuous efforts of these years, the company has more than 30 patent technologies authorized by the state special Bureau, which makes the single processing capacity and separation factors of the company's horizontal screw centrifuge at the leading position in the same industry in China and reach the world level.
 "To provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory services" is our constant commitment. Excellent quality awareness and strong sense of responsibility are the driving force of the company's market development. Only by constantly improving the quality of products, can enterprises get better development and go further in the fierce market competition. The company will strive to create a sustainable development space for our customers. As each member of Lvshui company, we will have a positive attitude, sincere cooperation and dedication in their respective positions to satisfy our customers and strive to win a good reputation for our company. As a member of large and medium-sized equipment manufacturing in China, we are very looking forward to continuous improvement and improvement together with all colleagues, and work together to improve our equipment manufacturing level in China!